Fishing School

There's nothing better than seeing your kid's face light up when they're hooked up to a fish big or small! Make that easy with this little lure - it's extremely easy to use, can be used pretty much everywhere, and catches fish time and time again!

Fishing with bread has to be the simplest, least messy, least fussy way to fish with bait there is going around. And the best part, it works! If you're looking for the easiest way to catch fish, this is for you!

Plenty happening over the last two weeks, most of happening offshore due to the torrential rains we've had along our coast which has turned most estuary systems quite brown and made it a little harder than usual to fish. Reports in both our stores from customers and also from the Facebook group East Coast Tuna and Billfish of both marlin and yellowfin tuna being caught out in the blue water. Mixed bag of marlin with blues, blacks and striped all being caught. Chuck in there the reports of snapper, kingfish and flathead caught pretty regularly and you realise it really has been a good week of offshore fishing with what looks to be a great long weekend of it ahead!

Well it's no surprise to anyone that fishing at the moment basically anywhere and everywhere up and down, inside and outside the east coast is absolutely firing! Everything from estuary bass, bream, whiting and flathead through to snapper, kingfish, dollies and striped marlin are being caught left right and centre. It's a great time to be fishing (in between the few days of average weather) so make sure you get out and into it!

Here's a few of the reports from the last 2ish weeks of fishing, 2021 is off to a fantastic start!

Plenty of action this week both inshore and offshore. Again the inshore kings are firing but there's been some oversized fish caught offshore too. Bass are really starting to fish well with the first of the cicadas starting to sing we should see them hitting topwater a lot more from now. Offshore there have been a few catches of yellowfin tuna scattered along the coast. There's also been a lot of bait seen offshore and coming in close which is great news.
Kingfish are all the fuss at the moment especially inshore with plenty being caught in Sydney Harbour and the Hacking. Estuary flathead are firing up now too as we head into the warmer months which is great to see, these should be closely followed by bream and whiting as we start to see our first catches of them from the shallows. Yellowfin and albacore have moved in pretty close up Sydney way with a couple of reports of the fish being caught.
Stay away from the corona virus and get yourself out fishing! Inshore over the last week or so has been fishing really well with a good range of fish being caught, everything from trevally and flathead through to jewfish. Offshore action only seems to consistent down south, but still a bit happening off our waters.
Lots of yellowfin being caught on the regular out wide now. Inshore has been fishing well with all sorts of species including bream, kingfish, flathead & trevally. Casting lures off the rocks and beach is working a treat lately.
Off shore has still been hot the last couple of weeks with consistent catches of marlin off Sydney and further north, and off Jervis Bay and further south. Also good numbers of kingfish and dolphinfish around. Inshore is also firing after the rains and now the clearing of the water, big jewfish, bream, flathead, whiting, bass and more being caught.
Plenty of action inshore and along the coast this week. Kingfish are plentiful in our local systems, flathead are also prominent at this time. Dollies are still hanging around the FADs with some really big model fish being caught. Jewfish seem to being caught more and more in Botany Bay too.
Just a small report this week, inshore seems to be fishing well still. Offshore it seems the marlin have pushed down the coast but the dollies are still being caught at the FADs so that's good!
Striped Marlin and Dolphinfish are being caught regularly offshore at the moment, the FADs have been fishing really well with the water up to 25.5ºC on Monday. Inshore there have been lots of Kingfish caught, and typical estuary species like flathead, bream and whiting are also being caught all over.