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Best Flathead Lures

The single best flathead lure (if you had to choose one) is the Artist FR70 in colour IKA, followed closely by colour WDS. The other listed lure options are also incredibly effective and popular Flathead lures.

Lure properties: Jackson Artist FR (sinking minnow), Jackson Bottom Magic Saltwater (sinking minnow), Daiwa Double Clutch (floating diver), Crossfire Lures (surface minnow).

Jackson Bottom Magic With Assist Hooks and Flathead

Best Flathead Soft Plastics

4 of THE best flathead soft plastics available that will have you catching fish time and time again. The Bone Baits in 3.5" come highly recommended for an allrounder soft plastic that can be twitched, hopped, or slow rolled (slow winded) for great results. The other three options are also proven fish slayers.

Jackson Bone Bait Soft PLastic with Flathead
Jackson Puri Ebi Soft Plastic in Flatheads mouth
Jackson Bone Bait Soft Plastic with Flathead in kayak
Jackson Puri Ebi Soft Plastic with Flathead

Best Flathead Rods

These are just three of many rod options on the market that hit popular price points. All are great with lures, soft plastics, or bait fishing.

Recommended Models: Daiwa RZ 702MLFS 2-4kg Rod | Shimano Sentire Sakana Gen II 682 2-5kg Rod | Shimano Revolution Travel 703SPML 3-5kg Rod

Best Flathead Reels

There are so many reel options out there, but for flathead all you need is a 2500 sized reel with a decent amount of drag. These three options are all great for flathead fishing. They're tried, tested, and proven to land monsters again and again.

Best Flathead Combos

Two purpose built combos just for flathead fishing hitting two different price points. Both are great quality for the price shown, and both include the camo braid which is a game changer for flathead fishing and estuary fishing in general.

Best Line For Flathead Fishing

This 8-strand braid ticks every box in terms of quality and performance i.e. super thin, super smooth, zero stretch, teflon coated etc. but the biggest benefit is by far the camo colouring. Every 10-20cm the braid changes from a light sandy colour to green and then darker brown continuosly so the fish can't get a fix on the line and it blends right into creek/estuary/river environment. 8lb or 12lb is recommended in the braid, 8lb or 10lb can be used in the leader.

Shinto Pro Pimped Micro Assist Hooks with flathead in boat
Shinto Pro Pimped Micro Assist Hooks with flathead and soft plastic
Shinto Pro Pimped Micro Assist Hooks with flathead in water
Shinto Pro Pimped Micro Assist Hooks with flathead and lure

Other Handy Accessories

The micro assist hooks are a game changer for both catching and landing monster flathead and are highly recommended. There are also starter pack options for those that haven't yet tried the assists but know how good they are.

Upgrading trebles? These Shinto Pro trebles are strong, sharp, and have a slightly turned in point that increases their stickiness a lot.

Any Questions?

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