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Best Bream Lures

The best all-round bream lure would have to be the Pygmy Area Crank, not just because it catches fish but also because it's so versatile. It can be thrown around structure or slow rolled over sand flats and/or weed beds. The other lures all have their place too, and will catch you many fish in different conditions.

Jackson Pygmy Area Crank (floating crank bait): slow wind or twitch and pause retrieve, cast into structure or retrieve over weed beds and water up to 2.5m deep.

Cranka Crab (sinking crab imitation): Cast into structure like pontoons, pylons, rocks etc and let the lure sink slowly. Tiny twitches and lifts can be used but little to no movement is needed. Select weight based on water depth and/or current strength.

Jackson Bottom Magic 55mm(sinking minnow): hop along the bottom like a bottom feeding fish with pauses in between. Cast into structure or work along sandy or weedy areas. Can be used in water up to 3m deep.

Jackson Ebi Panic (surface popper): Rod tip down and twitch to pop the lure constantly back to you like a fleeing prawn, small pauses here and there work well for bream. Cast around oyster leases, over sand flats and weedy flats.

Jackson Pygmy Crank Lure with a bream
Jackson Bottom Magic Lure with a bream underwater
Bream hanging onto a Jackson Artist FR70 Lure
Jackson Ebi Panic Lure hanging out of a bream's mouth

Best Bream Soft Plastics

A few Bream favourites that will get the job done time and time again. All of these are proven slayers, and they all have their place too.

The Jackson Chinu Koro Craw plastics are great when casting into structure like pontoons, moored boats, pylons, or rocks, and little action is needed - just small twitches here and there.

The other three options can be used in the same manner, but they will all work out in the open along sandy flats or across weed beds, or when cast into fallen trees and the like as well. And these plastics work better with either a constant retrieve, a twitch and pause action, or hopping them along the bottom.

Man holding a Bream with a Jackson Puri Ebi Soft Plastic in its mouth
Daiwa Bait Junkie Minnow 2.5" Soft Plastics In Hands
Daiwa Bait Junkie Minnow in a bream's mouth
Squidgies Wriggler Soft Plastic in a bream's mouth

Best Bream Rods

These are just three of many rod options on the market that hit popular price points. All are great with lures, soft plastics, or bait fishing. Bream rods tend to be a little lighter than general estuary rods, and with whippier tips that can get the best casts out of lighter lures.

Recommended Models: Daiwa RZ 702LFS 2-3kg Rod | Shimano Sentire Sakana Gen II 722 1-4kg Rod | Shimano Revolution Travel 764SPL 2-4kg | Daiwa Fuego 702ULXS 1-2kg Rod | Daiwa Wilderness X Backseater 705LFS 1.5-4kg | Shimano Blue Romance AX BR662XXLSP 1-3kg Rod.

Best Bream Reels

Bream anglers that specifically target bream only will usually go for a 1000-2000 sized reel due to the light line used and to keep overall weight down. However anything up to a 2500 size works just fine for bream, but also allows you to target other bigger species as 2500 sized reels usually have more drag. If you're using braid that's 6lb and under, go the smaller reels, anything above that and you'd be better off going with a 2500 for versatility.

Best Bream Combos

The first combo here is a general estuary combo that suits not only bream fishing but also anything up to big flathead in size. The second combo is specifically for bream fishing (and other light estuary species). Both are great quality for the price shown, and both include the camo braid which is a game changer for bream fishing and estuary fishing in general.

Best Line For Bream Fishing

This 8-strand braid ticks every box in terms of quality and performance i.e. super thin, super smooth, zero stretch, teflon coated etc. but the biggest benefit is by far the camo colouring. Every 10-20cm the braid changes from a light sandy colour to green and then darker brown continuously so the fish can't get a fix on the line and it blends right into creek/estuary/river environment. 8lb is recommended in the braid (which is thinner than most 8lb braids on the market), and 6lb is recommended in the leader.

Jackson Gobi Lure with Bream
Jackson Artist FR Lure with assist hooks in bream
Jackson artist fr with assist hooks hanging out of breams mouth

Other Handy Accessories

The micro assist hooks are a game changer for both catching and landing good bream and come highly recommended. Size 4 or 6 are best for bream.

Upgrading trebles? These Shinto Pro trebles are strong, incredibly sharp, and have a slightly turned in point that increases their stickiness a lot.

Any Questions?

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