The 1st Lure You'd Take Up North

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If you’re going to take any lure anywhere around Australia or the world even and expect to catch fish on, it’s this one.

If you’ve kept up with our articles you’ll know the Bottom Magic Lure has always been a big favourite of ours, and for very good reason. It’s hands down THE most versatile lure we’ve ever heard of and seen in action.

It’s consistently caught fish right around the country in both saltwater and fresh, from Trout to Whiting to Kingfish to Barra and everything in between! On a recent trip to Kiribati one of our Taren Point customers caught (amongst other fish) a number of Bonefish on the Bottom Magic, which isn’t the first of our customers to do so but a great reinforcement of the effectiveness of it. These elusive fish (if you didn’t already know) are normally quite difficult to catch.

It’s been deadly up in northern Australia both inland and in the coastal waters. Sooties, Saratoga, Bonefish, Barramundi, Mangrove Jack, Jungle Perch and more!

Some of the species we’ve caught around the country are shown below, including some not normally caught on lures:

The big reason we love the Bottom Magic (other than the fact that it catches pretty well anything you throw it at) is just HOW EASY IT IS TO USE! There are many quite different actions that have proven effective for different areas or types of fishing, but the following is our favourite:

Simply slow twitch the lure 10-20cm off the bottom as you slowly wind it in, which will make it look like a small baitfish hopping and foraging along the bottom for food.

I know it sounds too easy and simple to be true, but just trust me here and let the lure’s unique shape, action and weighting do all the hard work!

Bottom Magic Lure


Bottom Magic Saltwater Lure

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