Sydney & Wollongong Fishing Report

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Sydney & Wollongong Fishing Report

Dave Rolands is pictured with his first ever fish caught on a hard bodied lure. He was using the Bottom Magic 55mm.

John got a cracking Jewfish on 10lb YGK OH Dragon WX4 braid a couple of days ago using the Trout Tune Lipless Lure in colour GDM. He was flicking along the edges of where the weed and rocks met the sand, letting the lure fall to the bottom and rest for around 5 seconds, and then slowly lifting the rod tip with a subtle double shake at the top of the lift before letting it fall back to the bottom. He also managed to get Bream, Tailor and Flathead using the same technique.

Terry Hunt fished the washes with soft plastics on Tuesday with some luck on the reds.

John has been fishing the washes lately for Snapper and having great luck with the Chinu Koro Craw Soft Plastics. He rigs them with a jig head with a #1 hook and a weight between 5-8g (depending on the depth and amount of moving water). Let it fall through the suds with little subtle lifts to keep it from catching on the bottom, it should have Bream, Snapper, Drummer and a host of other species chasing it down! He also used the Bottom Magic Saltwater Lure in the larger 75mm size while fishing the washes for more Snapper.

Lots of Kingfish off Sydney at the moment. Dan Jones had a great spearfishing session recently with him and his mates spearing 4 nice fish that were among the big school of Kings pictured above.

Some great Kingfish were pulled from Sydney Harbour over the weekend. Fish between 60-110cm were being caught on the regular, lots of them at least 1m long.

Hairtail are being caught in Port Kembla Harbour, with some taken a few nights ago on ganged pilchards rigged with a glow stick near the bait. The Teppan Long Vibes and Teppan vibes have worked a treat for Hairtail in the past (pictures above), especially in the white/pink/yellow glow colour pictured above.

The water temperature is still unseasonably warm, at 19 degrees in close its really keeping the fish active around the rocks, close to shore and around inshore reefs. Mitch has been diving regularly and seeing huge numbers of fish, the video shows massive amounts of Salmon schooling in one of his recent dives off the rocks at Kiama, and he said there were plenty of big Tailor amongst them too.

Bluefin are being caught down south further amongst the cooler water. Reports of fish caught in 1100 fathoms of Jervis Bay.

Not your usual report but for those that love a bit of surf and turf there were a couple of healthy deer that decided to go for a swim down at North Wollongong beach yesterday morning…