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Free Reel Spooling Photo

Free Reel Spooling

Spooling your reel properly is actually quite important to ensure you get the best use/performance out of your line, and with minimal issues. The way the reel is spooled can vary on the type of reel you have, the type of line you’re using and the type of fishing you’re planning on doing, so it’s important to seek a professional service. Our electric spooling machine ensures line is laid properly and with the correct tension, both to maximise the amount of line you get on the reel and to avoid the line biting into the spool or into itself and causing bust-offs.

Fergo’s Tackle World’s staff cover all types of fishing: estuary, beach, rock, blue water and game fishing. Not only will our staff ensure your reel is spooled properly, but we’ll make sure you have the right line and setup for the fishing you’ll be doing. For any online orders that contain reels and line, we always make sure we contact you before sending your order out to see if you need the reel spooled.


Free - with any line bought with a reel
Free - with any line bought even if the reel was bought somewhere else
$10 - if you bring in a reel and line that was bought somewhere else

Note: for reels spooled with braid, we DO NOT charge for mono backing :)

Custom Rigging Image

Custom Rigging

If you’re looking to chase some of the bigger pelagic species like marlin, tuna, mackerel, GT’s etc, we can rig up just about anything you need for it. From ready-to-fish skirts and trolling lures to wind-on leaders, we do the lot. Our team has years and years of experience and will ensure you’re ready to fish with confidence. Available in-store and online on request.

- Skirted lures
- Trolling game fish plastics
- Bibbed trolling lures
- Shark rigs
- Wind-on leaders

Rod Repairs Image

Rod Repairs

Our team have been repairing and upgrading rods since our beginning, which is why we’ve become known as a drop point for anglers that need repairs big and small. We can do any rods from light spin and fly rods through to beach rods and heavy game. Tips are usually replaced on the spot. Other fixes, upgrades or builds will get a reasonable repair time estimate, which varies depending on the queue at the time. Rod builds from scratch aren’t offered, but rebuilds are.

- Broken tips
- Broken guides
- Broken reel seats
- Full rebuilds
- Rod reconditioning/refurbishing
- Any rod type
- Any guide type

Australia-Wide Servicing By Courier

Can't get to either of our stores? No worries, we'll take repairs from anywhere in Australia!

No equipment will be serviced without prior arrangement and acceptance i.e. don't just send something to us without first filling out a service enquiry form.

Shipping costs are the responsibility of the sender. Also be mindful that any damage incurred during transit is at your own risk, so insurance is recommended.

Packaging your items:
For reels, simply place them in a box with adequate wrapping so that do not move around inside. Bubble wrap, scrunched newspaper, foam etc are good options.
For rods, ensure the rod itself is either wrapped or covered and then placed into a strong/rigid box or tube.

Finding a courier service:
Your local post office is best for reels.
Interparcel is a great option for rods as it compares multiple services and allows custom transit warranty amounts -

Return shipping costs are included in the final cost of the job and will be specified in the invoice.