Top 10 Bass Lures

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Top 10 (Opening Season) Bass Lures

You'll need to get down deep...

Bass season is now open and if you’re thinking of targeting them now, think deep, deep undercover.

Most systems at the moment have relatively clear, cold water and the most likely way of enticing a strike is to get the lure down deep where the fish are hiding around structure. With this in mind we have come up with our TOP TEN most likely lures to kick start the season.

Here’s our pick in no particular order:

Cyarl Blade

This little guy is one of the most likely Bass lures we’ve seen. This little 35mm, 3.5gm frog lure slowly sinks while it’s flashing blade legs frantically go to work. You can then slowly retrieve your lure with a subtle pulsing action, to simulate a swimming frog, at whatever water depth you want. Its single hook is an obvious advantage around tight structure allowing it to be used in so many situations.
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Iga Jig Spin

Another exciting lure is this little 31mm, 7g beauty right here. This clever vibe sinks reasonably quickly while the rear blade flashes enticingly. Most anglers would slowly lift their rod to feel the tight action of the lure, approximately 30-90cm at a time and retrieve while it drops. This allows any part of the water column to be worked.
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Megabass Shading-X

This is a medium diving, 62mm, 5.6gm lure that has a good, natural suspending action when stationary. This allows you to crank it down and let it hang in the strike zone either completely still for a few seconds or with a few little twitches to entice a bite before continuing the retrieve. A very classy baitfish replica, this lure is an excellent mid-water Bass lure.
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Trout Tune Heavy Weight

At just 55mm this 6gm classic allows a great cast and a quick sink rate for such a small lure. A brilliant medium to deepwater Japanese lure that can be worked both slowly or at speed to excite a bite in almost any depth of water.
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Bottom Magic Light Tune

This is the new lighter 3.8gm version of the original 55mm lure which obviously sinks a little slower and therefore allows a more finesse-style retrieve at any given depth. This is normally well suited for this time of year when the fish are often a little more timid and particular.
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Cultiva Mira Vibe 60S

A classy, Japanese vibe which at 60mm and 9.5gm can be effectively worked throughout the water column at any depth by raising and lowering your rod tip on retrieval. At the price they’re at now they could easily be rated as the best value Bass lure going around.
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Fuze Pygmy Pulse

This discussion wouldn’t be complete without the addition of a quality soft vibe like this little 67mm, 7gm ripper. Like the other sinking vibes this lure can be worked anywhere through the water column with a classic, tight little action. But don’t let it’s size fool you, this lure was made to last for even the most aggressive Bass strike.
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Qu-On Flashin Devil

You must consider a high-quality spinner bait when fishing down deeper at this time of year. The componentry and finish of this lure is second to none. A simple “pulse-style” retrieve is normally all that is required to get an effective action from these bad boys.
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Soko Bul Bul

This 30mm, 3.2gm vibe has both a unique look and a unique action. It’s slow sink and subtle vibe action allows for a gentle presentation when fish are timid and deep. Worked slowly off the bottom or through the water column in a pulse-like action, this lure can entice strikes at times when all else fails.
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Megabass X-Dad

This unique, quality lure is 58mm and 10.6gms of fast diving action. It’s large bib gets it down quickly and bumps its way clear of most obstacles as it scratches along the bottom. Great for stirring up the bottom and attracting plenty of attention as a result.
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