Lake Conjola Entrance Open!

  • 1 min read

Lake Conjola Entrance Open!

The entrance to Lake Conjola was finally reopened last week! Great news for fishing but just for the holiday area in general, already the lake has dropped about 1m which is great news for residents and caravan parks experiencing flooding.

The fishing activity will increase big time due to:
• the return of the tides and natural flow of water
• the riddance of the weed that has covered most of the sandy areas
• the riddance of the stagnant murky rainwater
• the flow of fresh ocean water, which will bring more bait and more fish

It’s a big win for anyone who enjoys the lake, whether that’s for fishing, kayaking, boating, swimming or just general holidaying!

The footage below shows the location of the mid-spit, which is much further south than the previously excavated entrance. Hopefully it’s far enough south to remain open.