What A Rig!

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What A Rig!

This simple little rig has been nothing but nice to us lately, between us I’d say it’s on the verge of hitting legendary status with its current successes.

Used in many sessions now when the conditions have been really tough, the good ol’ Piggyback Rig has proved the difference between a timid and almost non-existent nibble, and a far more aggressive bite.

All we do is add an extra hook running freely on top of our normal bait and attach a soft plastic to it, which seems to create competition around your bait and often generates a more aggressive bite. The image below shows the rig exactly how we’ve been using it; we ‘piggyback’ the normal bait hook at the bottom rigged with a peeled prawn with a clever little Japanese plastic called a Chinu Koro Craw. The prawn is perfect for targeting fish like Bream, Drummer, Trevally and Snapper off the rocks.

The hook for the peeled prawn is a Shinto Octopus Beak Size 1/0 and the hook for the plastic is a Hayabusa H.LBT571 size 4, which is amazingly strong and sharp for it’s size. The sinker we most commonly use (depending on conditions) is the size of a green pea or slightly smaller and it runs freely along the line.

Why the Chinu Koro Craw?? It’s floating claws reach upwards in an aggressive manner which also pulls the hook up and away from snags, so it’s great for use off and around rocks.

Also don’t underestimate the power of berley; chucking a handful of bread that’s been mashed up with water in a bucket while you bait up can really get the fish going.

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