Sydney & Wollongong Fishing Report

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Sydney & Wollongong Fishing Report

George Tome went out with Travis Thompson off Wollongong over the weekend and caught a 166kg Blue Marlin. Normally he’d catch and release his Marlin, but this one unfortunately got its tail wrapped at the boat. In saying this, it was Travis Thompsons first Blue Marlin. Nice Work Mate!

Still plenty of reports of Flathead pulled from Lake Illawarra, bigger specimens are being caught towards the entrance.

Tailor and Bonito are both being caught off the rocks around Wollongong.

Mitch from our Wollongong store went diving out off the gravel loader at Bass Point Monday afternoon and said it was extremely active. He was chasing Kingfish and managed one by the end but said there was also loads of Bream, big Bonito, Salmon and Blackfish.

Mitch also fished off Kiama over the weekend and caught a nice Mac Tuna using the Jackson Athlete 9JM in colour PPG.

Jackson is pictured with a nice big lizard taken from a deep hole in the Georges River earlier in the week using a Squidgies Fish Soft Plastic.

Justin went out for a dive down south over the weekend and was able to spear himself a nice Red Mowie with a couple of decent Lobsters and abalone.

Jake who was holidaying from LA caught a couple of squid on Saturday then got the nice Bonito pictured using live yellowtail. His cousin H sadly lost a big Kingfish at the side of the boat.

Jack from the Taren Point store was spearfishing around Merries Reef on Saturday and managed to get some nice Flathead on the sand patches around the reef, he also saw some large Kingfish in the distance chasing Yellowtail schools.