Most Versatile Bream Lure Ever?!

  • 2 min read

Due to its ridiculous versatility through the entire water column we certainly think we’ve found a contender for the title! What’s his name you say? The Trout Tune Lipless!

In a recent session with crystal clear shallow water and the sun shining brightly, it caught 7 Bream in about half an hour! It was skipped along the surface, swum through the midwater with a slow roll, and twitched along the bottom; all actions produced nice fish and the video below shows just one of those times.

Another advantage of the lure is its 6g weight, which allows to cast like a bullet and far enough away so you don’t spook the fish.

Successful techniques so far:

Along the bottom: with your rod tip down towards the water, a constant slow-medium pace wind with small ‘flicks’ of the rod tip makes it hop and dart as it moves through the structure. If there’s no bite, the odd pause of the lure can be the catalyst for an explosive strike!

Mid water: with your rod parallel with the water when its 2m or deeper, or an angle up to 45º if it’s shallower, use a simple medium-paced wind with the odd twitch here and there. In high flowing areas no twitch is needed as the water will work the lure as it moves through it.

Surface skipping: because the lure is quite heavy for its size, this technique requires a high rod tip and a reasonably fast wind paired with twitches to make the lure ‘skip’ along the surface like a fleeing baitfish or prawn.

These are just three of the ways we’ve been using the lures. We recommend trying out your own techniques as well depending on the species you’re chasing; take note of the winding speeds, intensity of rod twitches, pause time of the lure and location of the strike (bottom, midwater or surface) when the fish hits and adapt your technique as you go.

The catching potential of this little lure is huge! So far we’ve caught Bream, Flathead, Trevally, Whiting, Snapper, Trout and Estuary Perch!

The lures come with ‘easy release’ barbless single hooks, however we like to change them up with Owner Double Hooks Size 10 (size 8 can be used when targeting bigger species and size 12 for smaller ones). These hooks are light, strong, and can be easily rigged to point upwards to minimise snags. They also don’t require split rings so can sit closer to the lure.

Anyway, have fun with them! The Jackson Trout Tune Lipless Lureshave been nothing but good to us, no reason why they won’t be for you too!