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Great Flatty Metals

  • 2 min read

Our customers and staff have been using these three metals lately and cleaning up on the Flathead both inside the estuary systems and outside while drifting. Below is a bit about them and what techniques are working best!

Teppan Long Vibes

The Jackson Teppan Long Vibes are an oversized metal blade that rise and fall with incredible action. Their super slim top makes their action really dramatic even with the slightest pulls, which makes them great when fishing for slow/lazy fish like Barra and Jewfish, and it also allows them to be used effectively even while sitting in a rod holder letting the swell do the work.

How To Use
For Flatties on the drift, let the lure sink to the bottom and work it like any other vibe with a slow lift of the rod making sure you feel the vibration to know it’s working. Let it sink back down and pause for a second or two. They can also be placed in a rod holder with a bit of swell rocking the boat while you use another rod, they’ll still catch fish!

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Gallop Assist Slow Fall

The Jackson Gallop Assist Slow Fall is a unique little metal with one flat side and one ridged side, the combination of these gives the lure an attractive ‘falling leaf’ action on the drop. It’s also effective when fished with a constant retrieve for pelagics as it swims with a fantastic side-to-side action.

How To Use
The 38g version is great when drifting offshore anywhere around that 30m mark as long as the current isn’t too strong. All it takes to catch fish is to let it sink to the bottom and then lift at a medium pace so there’s a slight bend in the tip before letting it sink back down and work its magic! Also very effective when stuck in a rod holder if there’s a bit of swell.

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Jack Eye Shot Micro Jigs

The Hayabusa Jack Eye Shot Micro Jigs have proven successful both inshore and offshore in their various sizes. The one pictured above is the 20g version which is great for use inshore especially if it’s windy and you require a longer cast. The 60g is a go-to size for offshore while drifting.

How To Use
In both cases both inshore and offshore one of the more effective methods has been working them similar to a soft plastic; letting them sink to the bottom and then flick them up once or twice before letting them sink back down again. Pause for a second or two and then repeat the action, the Flatties tend to hit the jigs on their way back down.

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