Fishing Forecast

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Fishing Forecast

Whilst the weekend weather is not looking all that inviting with possible showers and Southerly winds, there is actually some good fishing opportunities there if you target the right times and places.

The BIG news this week is the water temp has bumped up to 18 degrees which generally means increased fish activity this time of year.

Saturday has fresh Southerlies and rough 2m to 3m seas so only spots very well protected from these winds and seas are worth considering. But if protected, these types of spots often fish very well in these conditions.

Sunday is looking a lot easier with moderate winds and moderate seas predicted at 1.5m to 2m. Spots protected from the South would still be advisable.

Peak solunar fish feeding times for Sunday are 11am to 1pm and 5pm to 6pm. For Saturday, all these times are approx. 2 hours prior (due to daylight saving).

Low tide is 11:40am on Saturday and 2:30pm on Sunday.

Embrace the rain, it’s healthy for all our estuary’s and dams