Fishing Forecast

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Fishing Forecast

The moon will have an increased effect on peak fish feeding times this weekend as we get closer to a full moon. It will be up on Saturday from 3pm till 4am so fish will have plenty of light to be active for most of the night.

The peak feeding times from the solunar tables are therefore predicted to be at 8:30am-10:30am and 2pm-4pm on Saturday and about an hour later Sunday.

Tides are high at approx 6:30am and pm on Saturday off the beach and an hour later Sunday.

Swell is nice and slight all Saturday through until afterlunch Sunday when it is predicted to start picking up from the South quite quickly.

The wind is predicted as gentle North Westearly Saturday, picking up from the North East late morning, before dropping again overnight. Then moderate winds from the South predicted early Sunday morning, picking up through the morning to be very strong in the arvo.

With Saturday temperatures predicted to hit 24 degrees, Saturday morning is looking the most inviting to me, followed by the big footy match Saturday night and a celebration drink for the Marine Park lock-outs being cancelled.

Paying dues Sunday

Happy Fishing!