Fishing Forecast

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Fishing Forecast

The water temperature is currently holding up at 16 degrees which is good news as it has quite a bit of new season baitfish in it.

We are still in the dark first quarter of the moon, which means most fish are pretty hungry come first light in the morning. Sunrise is at 6am, so get the alarm clocks out and be at your spot ready to fish well before this. Saturday is supposed to be a gorgeous Spring morning with gentle North West winds so that would be my pick of the weekend. The solunar tables have a peak feeding time Saturday from 8:30am till 10:30am, so if you find fish and keep burleying, the bite should continue right through this.

Beach, rock spinning and offshore are all helped by the predicted slight swell right through the day.

There is another peak feeding time Saturday 3:30pm till 5:30pm, so if you want to throw some lures 100 miles off the rocks the Westerly wind is predicted to be very strong.

Sunday morning’s feeding times will be roughly 40 minutes later but you will have to brave cooler South West winds and the seas are predicted to rise from slight to moderate.

In general, estuaries should be fishing better closer to the entrance where the water is a little warmer at the moment, particularly on the run in tide and also where the first of the bait fish are starting to show up

Share with your mates, drag them out fishing and have fun!