Choosing The Right Mask & Snorkel

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Choosing The Right Mask & Snorkel

There are a few things to look for when selecting a mask & snorkel because the wrong one can be the difference between having fun and not. Here’s what to look for:

• Silicone material: we will always recommend silicone skirted masks and snorkels, they’re extremely comfortable and mould better to the face.
• Masks with a solid colour skirting instead of clear are the way to go as they reduce glare from the sunlight above, which is particularly important for spearos and those diving to look into caves and under ledges.
• Quality of buckles and ease of adjustment are very important features of good quality masks; this makes our recommendations very restrictive. All recommended sets below have great buckles.
• The purge valve that appears on the bottom of most snorkels is preferred by most recreational divers, as it greatly assists exhaling through a snorkel. Spearos don’t like the valve though as they believe it increases noise and decreases their streamline while descending.
• Another feature to look for if spearfishing is a low-volume mask so it doesn’t squeeze onto your face due to the pressure when diving down, as well as giving you an increased field of vision.

Our most popular mask and snorkel sets for recreational snorkelling are:

  • Cressi Marea VIP Adult Mask & Snorkel Sets

    This high quality silicone set is ideal for diving or snorkeling. The mask has a skirt edge that adapts to most faces and a small inner volume, perfect for free-divers and is made from soft transparent silicone. The Profiled Guard on the snorkel drastically reduces water intake and splashing from the top without blocking breathing.

    $65.000.00 $

Cressi Marea VIP Set

$79.99 $65

Our most popular mask and snorkel sets for spearfishing and diving are:

Cressi Nano Mask

Ultra low volume comes with a FREE Cressi Mexico Snorkel!

$125 $109

Ocean Hunter Chameleon

Clearance price – fantastic value for money!

$99 $69