Bream Lure Special!

  • 1 min read

The waters are getting warmer and the Bream are coming out to play! With this in mind, here’s a fantastic offer on some great little Bream lures we have priced to clear!

The Strada Piccola, Quika and Cringe lures are all designed to be chased by these very fish, along with other predators that lurk around structure and up in the shallows like Bass and Flathead.

The Piccola is a slow sinking 50mm lure with 4.8g of weight and a free running inner weight that rolls to the back when casting to maximise casting distance.

At 45mm and 5.7g, the Quika is a small profile floating crank bait that dives about 0.25m with a tight little wobble on the retrieve.

The Cringeis similar to the Quika, however it remains closer to the top of the water diving to 0.1m.