Best Value 5mm Wetsuit!

  • 1 min read

We’ve never had our hands on a better value wetsuit than the 5mm Salvimar Blend, which is on clearance at just $390 down from $649!

These 5mm open-cell suits are made with Nam Liong 3D neoprene, which keeps its warmth properties up to 30m without any compression. On top of that, all seams are double-stitched and then liquid sealed for maximum durability and heat retention. Its limited number of seams and constructive simplicity also make this suit extremely comfortable to wear, and the mixture of camouflage colours make it suitable for any reef whilst adding a pattern break up in open water.

All high-wear areas like the chest, knees and elbows are lined with PuffGum, which has three main advantages over regular covers:

1 – It can be fragmented to not hinder any suit elasticity

2 – It has a high resistance to punters from sharp objects such as sea urchins, sharp reef and fish spines

3 – It can be coloured so that camouflage patterns can be continued over the entire suit

Basically, the Salvimar Blend 5mm Wetsuits have all the bells and whistles (hence their retail price) with a current price that’s simply unheard of. Get your hands on one now to survive this Winter and the ones to come!