Best Fishing This Weekend

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Best Fishing This Weekend

The best fishing news for a few weeks now is the rise in water temp up to 16 degrees which has started to bring with it some more significant baitfish sightings. The obvious first sign of this is the fresh kelp that is starting to get washed up on some beaches.

We are currently on the dark of the moon which normally means most fish are pretty hungry at first light in the mornings. Sunrise is at 6am troops, so be at your spot ready to fish well before this. Sunday is supposed to get to 20 degrees so should be a great spring morning to be out.

In addition to first light, the solunar tables have peak fish feeding times for Saturday from 9:30am till 11:30am and also 3pm till 5pm. Sundays times are of course about one hour later.

For Beach fishos, the high tide is about 7am sat and 8am sun, so the “first light” sessions are the obvious best target. There is also large 1.9m high tides 7pm Sat and 8pm Sun which some cunning Jewie fishos like targeting.

Both seas and winds are predicted to be moderate both days so offshore fishing becomes a possibility. Once again, I would be targeting first light up till early lunchtime this weekend (and back home to score a few points before a heavy football watching session late arvo).

Estuaries should be beautiful this weekend with Sunday looking the nicest day. Hopefully this weeks rain stirred up the fish both in the saltwater and the fresh, which is awesome timing for the Spring opening of the Bass Season.

Best of luck