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Topwater Combos

Two purpose built tuna fishing combos with an option for each to upgrade the reel if you'd like. The Jewel combo is a little easier on the wallet, and the Grappler is for those looking for top of the line quality. Both are incredibly good deals and perfect for tuna season but can be used chasing GTs, spanish, giant kingfish etc.

Tuna Stick Baits

Recommended Sizes: Jackson Kaiken 180, Nomad Riptide 200mm, Maria Rapido 230mm, 100mm Buku Stick Baits.

Recommended Hooks: the Buku Stick Baits suit 3/0-4/0 trebles or 8/0 singles, the Maria Rapido suits 4/0 trebles or 8/0-10/0 singles.

Topwater Tuna Reels

There are a lot of options out there, but here are the best mid-range reels suited for tuna fishing because they're super strong, reliable, heavy-duty saltwater reels.

Recommended Models: Shimano Saragosa 14000 - 20000, Daiwa Saltist MQ 10000 - 20000, Penn Slammer IV DX 6500 - 8500.

Topwater Tuna Rods

A few hand-picked options from a sea of choices, including and entry-level and two high quality options.

Recommended Models:Shimano Grappler Type C PE6 or PE8, Shimano Jewel 21JLT805TW8 PE8, Daiwa Spartan PE8 or PE10.

Topwater Tuna Hooks

Again many options out there but these are a few standouts in terms of popularity and purpose.

Recommended Sizes:for trebles generally anything between 3/0 - 5/0, for singles anything from 8/0 - 10/0, and assists anything from 5/0 - 10/0 depending on brand and cord length.

Other Topwater Gear

Tuna Trolling Combos

All the hard work has been done for you with these combos, and you'll save $$$ with these too. They're all 24kg combos with 50 size reels on them.

Tuna Trolling Lures

A good range of the more popular tuna trolling lures here. Some come rigged with high quality hooks already, those that don't have options below.

Recommended Hooks: Jackson G-Controlling upgrade with 2/0 trebles, Profidgies have multiple rigging options, all skirts rig with 7/0 Black Magic twin hook rigs.

Tuna Trolling Reels

An option from each price point depending on how much you're willing to spend.

Recommended Size: the 50 sizes are best purely because they're not only ideal in size but you can use them for marlin fishing as well down the track.

Tuna Trolling Rods

Again a few options hitting each price point.

Recommended Model: the 24kg models are your best allrounder option. You can easily go the 37kg models and some go the lighter 15kg, but 24kg is most popular.

Tuna Trolling Hooks & Other Gear

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