Sydney & Wollongong Fishing Report 15/1/21

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If you haven't yet been amongst the fish this year so far your straight up missing out! Inshore and offshore are both going off with all your favourite species coming out to play, from the little bass with big stomachs to the elusive jews through to the hard fighting striped marlin and everything in between!



Offshore kingfish have been absolutely firing the last few weeks which is really good to see. Also so great reports of land-based catches as well so they're clearly plentiful and coming in nice and close. Some of the usual Sydney reefs have fished well and there's also been reports of the fish hanging around the FADs.

Pictured are Colin and his mates who landed some great fish, three over a metre.

Also pictured is Chris and Malvin who caught a couple of crackers themselves off Sydney, and a bunch of Kings Chris managed out of Botany Bay earlier.



Striped marlin have been all the rage up and down the coast with the warm waters that have pushed in nice and close. Reports from all over really with a couple of hotspots being off Sydney and more down south.

Pictured are Jared and his mates with a couple of nice fish, they went 4-3-2 on Monday which would have made for a fun session!

Ian Davison is in there with a nice one he caught at the start of Jan, and the Gorecki's also managed a couple themselves as they do!



The FADs have been fishing well for dollies big and small, plenty of really nice fish in the mix of smaller ones with a PB here and there! Pictured are some of the fish we've seen ourselves.



Like everything else the snapper have been fishing pretty well of late, pictured are a couple of Barlo's early 2021 fish but there have plenty of reports in-store of others catching them. Andrew managed a few decent 2-3kg fish last weekend on plastics and jigs.



You've all heard the cicadas which means one thing and one thing only, bassssssssss. Plenty to go around it seems they're a lot healthier and plentiful this year with all the water and lack of fires :/ A lot of systems are fishing well throughout them i.e. they don't seem to be hanging up or downstream they're quite spread out which is good. Surface lures doing the damage as you'd expect, the Jackson Namazemi was a stand out for one of our recent sessions.



Your standard estuary systems are all teaming with fish, flathead, whiting, bream etc. It won't really matter where you're fishing at the moment they should all be fishing pretty well. Constant report of all of the above are coming in from customers and staff that are getting amongst it.

Pictured is Tom with his PB flatty taken out of St Georges Basin last weekend, the big girl went 98cm and was caught on the troll.

Lake Conjola is doing its thing at the moment too, this little guy was caught on the standard Bottom Magic 55mm in the brown colour RPE.



Bream are another standout in the estuaries right now. Josh has been cleaning up in the basin and in Lake aIllawarra as you can see, most of the time just slow rolling crank baits over the flats and around structure, he noted they were real quite until the wind picked up and the water went from glass to a little choppy.

Jackson also managed a nice little bream on a Sugapen lure as pictured above.



The younger boys who love fishing Sydney harbour have all been having plenty of fun with the inshore kingfish as you can see. From the yak or from the shore/wharfs they've been having success.



Jewfish have been fishing pretty well of late too, pictured are a few nice fish caught recently and we've had a few reports in-store as well.



Fishing off the beach and rocks has been pretty solid as usual this time of year, pictured are a couple of catches one from Andy who cleaned up as usual using the Jackson G-Control.



Underwater has been plenty of fun lately as you would expect and as countless spearos have reported. Bigger sized crays are being caught and shallow water spearfishing has been pretty good around most rocky headlands. At the deeper reefs and the more untouched areas there have been some really nice snapper and kingfish caught.

Pictured are Zach, Cody and Mitch who have been doing really well over the last few weeks up and down the coast, pictured are just a few of their spoils.