The Magic Of Assist Hooks

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The Magic Of Assist Hooks

Assist hooks have been the best solution on metal jigs for years, but their use on standard hard-body lures is where the real fun starts…

Initial testing alongside conventional trebles, doubles and singles revealed some surprisingly good results, so far we have only found positives. The same lures with assists are simply out fishing the others.

The most obvious positive for us is the increased attraction of the lures. Whether the assists make the lure appear more natural and/or they are attracted by the movement of the hooks, we’re unsure, but the results have been undeniable.

Also, once hooked, the fish finds it very hard to shake the hooks free,because of the flexible rope there’s nothing for the fish to lever the hooks out with. Particularly with two assist hooks, we very rarely drop a fish now.

A good example was a recent Flathead trip where we used both sinking stick baits and bibbed lures. ALL fish were being caught on the lures with assists so the conventional hooks were dumped half way through the session, then everyone was happy.

The assists also allow use around broken patches of weed without getting caught up as much. This played out well on the day by snaring us the biggest fish in this territory.

We’ll reveal more in future newsletters but for now that’s enough excitement for one day!

These little beauties above have been working a treat for us in estuaries, they’re great quality, extremely sharp and designed to be extra hard to shake off. At only $7.99 they’re an absolute steal!

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