A Lazy Man's Reel Maintenance

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For those of you that actually do ANY reel maintenance at all, the most common form is hosing it or sticking it under a tap. The biggest problem with this is that some water (and salt) inevitably gets forced inside the reel, which is even worse than being on the outside.

A simple 5-second spray with this salt-eliminating spray Cyclo SOS Spray Off Salt has proven so much better, it’s a lot easier and does a much better job neutralising the effects of salt.

You don’t need to rinse it after, the spray doesn’t damage your line, reel, or whatever else you’re using it to clean. And it doesn’t leave any greasy or waxy residue, you just let it dry normally.

It’s seriously a product worth talking about, if I knew about it earlier I would’ve been all over it like a rash, it’s so handy! It’s pre-mixed and ready to go, and for only $20 it’s more than worth your while.

Of course if you also wish to lubricate your reels every now and then that no doubt helps too, but I must admit I haven’t gone to that trouble for a while now, there’s simply no need.

Just a heads up too, the instructions on the back say spray onto the surface and let it soak for 10-30 minutes, but that’s more referring to bigger salt deposits on boats, jetskis, cars etc. You just need to spray the reels a bit and let them dry themselves and you’re done!

Happy cleaning

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