Take A Closer Look At This Braid

  • 1 min read

Sometimes we get new products in that absolutely defy their price tag and deserve to be featured, this right here is one of them.

The Japanese-made YGK Frontier X8 Shore Braid is an incredibly thin, smooth and strong braid that compares only to the very top-end, boutique Japanese braids that are normally 50-70% more expensive!

The 14lb is thinner than most 10lb Japanese braids (I’m comparing to Japanese braids because they’re renowned as the best on the market), making it an incredibly versatile estuary line.

The 20lb is thinner than most 15lb Japanese braids and is a great option for heavier estuary and/or light beach and rock applications.

The 30lb is thinner than most 20lb Japanese braids, making it perfect for beach an rock fishing!

We’ve tested this braid quite a bit and are blown away with the results, it’s easy to handle, reliable and great for casting long distances.

At $44.99 for 150m of quality Japanese braid, it’s really a no-brainer!

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