Nils Master Lures Are Back!

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Nils Master Lures Are Back!

The very well established Nils Master Lures from Finland have made their return to Australia!

Most of the range we have are super high-quality handcrafted wooden lures, with the exception of a couple of spinners and a unique little jig. Why are wooden lures good? Plastic lures create a lot of noise underwater when the hooks and rattles hit the body, which can be good sometimes, but not all the time. Wooden lures are a completely different animal, they’re stealthy. Good fishos will usually have a mixture of both for this very reason.

All lures are hand-painted with exceptional colours and contrasting designs to mimic different baitfish and other prey. They’re also all fitted with quality componentry like stainless steel split rings and VMC hooks. To add again to their quality, each lure is individually tested before packaging to ensure they swim correctly.

The range includes lures that suit a lot of fresh and saltwater conditions. Whether you’re fishing for Bass and Bream around structure, trolling for pelagic species like Bonito and Tuna or chasing big Barra up north, you’ll be sure to find the right lure for the job!

See all Nils Master Lures here!

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