NEW Strada Pro Lures!

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NEW Strada Pro Lures!

Oi Oiiiii how good is this! A brand new range of the more popular Strada Lures we’ve seen over the years. They’re back and better than before with upgraded hooks and new colours!

Strada Pro Tera Lures

The very well known and super successful lure range the Strada Teras are back in an all new Strada Pro Teras! Why change what already works? There’s no need, so the new lures are replicas of the old model, the only difference being some of the colours available! Pre-rigged with VMC 9626 PS trebles.

125mm/24g - $14.99 | 150mm/37g $17.99 | 180mm/70g - $19.99

Buy a Strada Pro Tera Lure here

Strada Pro Tempest Stick Baits

Another cracking lure that wasn’t being produced anymore has now hit our shelves, the Strada Pro Tempest Stick Baits are back baby! Back and better than ever with their new and improved BKK trebles and a fantastic range of colours! Pre-rigged with BKK 6066 4X trebles.

110mm/30g - $18.99 | 140mm/58g $19.99

Buy a Strada Pro Tempest Stick Bait here

Strada Pro Torment Poppers

BLOOP BLOOP BLOOP, here comes a Strada Pro Torment Popper! Great fun fishing along the surface and devastating for any surface feeding fish, the Torment poppers have also been re-manufactured and we’re stoked! Fitted with upgraded BKK trebles and a few new colours to choose from too! Pre-rigged with 2 x BKK 6066 4X trebles.

80mm/12g - $14.99 | 120mm/43g $18.99

Buy a Strada Pro Torment Lure here

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