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Shimano Twin Power SWC Reel

  • The iconic Twin Power SW series is taken to new heights with the release of the 2021 Shimano Twin Power SWC Reels. Designed to challenge the impossible, the Twin Power SWC is stronger and more durable than ever across six models – 4000XG, 5000XG, 6000XG, 8000PG, 10000PG and 14000XG.

    The inclusion of Infinity Drive reduces handle rotation torque by a maximum of 30% when compared to the previous series, this is achieved by increasing the pinion gear support and a applying special skid coating which makes the reel lighter to turn and more powerful.

    To improve drag performance, the Heat Sink Drag system features in the 10000 and 14000 sizes to reduce the amount of heat transferred to the drag washers and line during the fight via the spools insulated plate.

    With superior saltwater durability being a must, the Shimano Twin Power SWC reels employ the X-Protect seal and labyrinth structure to repel water intrusion. By also including this in the line roller and clutch assembly, the mechanism is ten times more durable according to Shimano internal tests.

    Combining the best in technology on offer by Shimano, this series still includes Hagane Body, Hagane Gear, X-Rigid Rotor, AR-C spool, EI Surface Treatment, 10 ball bearings and 11-25kg of drag power.

    The new striking silver and blue cosmetics have been paired up with a polished metal handle and power knob to finish the reel off superbly. Engineered to the highest standard for the world’s hardest fighting saltwater species, the Twin Power SWC will push new angling limits.


    • Infinity Drive - With Infinity Drive, the pinion gear inner does not make contact with the main shaft, as a high-sliding bushing supports the main shaft. With this new structure, sliding resistance of the main shaft is drastically reduced. In addition to this, a special skidding coating on the main shaft helps to further reduce sliding resistance. InfinityDrive cuts handle rotation torque by about 30% in comparison to the conventional system, and makes the reel more powerful.
    • Heat Sink Drag - The 10000 and 14000 models feature Shimano's Heat Sink Drag, which reduces heat transfer to the spool to prevent spool temperatures increasing by around 30%. This also stops any decrease in drag performance due to thermal sagging by around 50%.
    • XTough Drag - Incorporating large diameter drag washers at the base of the spool provides greater drag stability. The result is smooth and consistent drag throughout the fight. The Coil Wave Spring features steady elasticity at any compression level, and little deformation under repeated compression. This results in precise drag adjustments throughout the curve, giving the angler more control at high drag pressures
    • XShip - XShip is a combination of features that work together to create much greater efficiency. By positioning the pinion gear close to the centre line of the large diameter drive gear, more power is transferred from the handle to the rotor. The pinion gear is also supported by two Shimano ARB roller bearings. This creates more stability.
    • XShield - By providing dependable sealing structures and gaskets at necessary points, including the reel body and lid joint and the contact point of the spool and drag knob, possible water ingress is blocked. This double protection provides high reliability and durability to the Twin Power SWC when used in extreme saltwater conditions.
    • XProtect - The contact type triple-lip structure is introduced to the roller clutch, the pivotal point concerning water resistance. In this structure, the first lip prevents water from entering through the space between the rotor and the body. In addition, the special grease between the second and third lip where it makes contact with the rotor collar located at the upper part of the roller clutch not only resists water from entering but also minimises friction resistance. Without jeopardising the ‘silky smooth rotation capacity’, exceptional water resistance is achieved to withstand the splashing of waves and spray.
    • Silent Drive - Silent Drive is the result of removing even he smallest of gaps within the internal structure of the reels, resulting in a smoother reeling experience and less handle play.
    • E.I. Surface Treatment - E.I. anti-corrosion surface treatment is the addition of a second layer of surface treatment after the initial anodising layer is completes. This is forced into any surface impurities to allow no place for salt hideout and results in a smoother feel as well. Ultimately it increases corrosion resistance by more than double from a standard anodised reel.
    • S A-RB - Shielded anti-rust bearings are the best Shimano offer in saltwater protection and smooth reeling performance.
    • One Piece Bail - The seamless one-piece design allows line to travel unimpeded and reduces friction.
    • AR-C Spool - The V-shaped lip design ensures the line comes off most efficiently when casting.

    Shimano Twin Power SWC 4000XG Reel

    Built for: Light Jigging and Casting

    The specs of the 4000XG set it apart from the more general-purpose 4000 sized reels. Being an XG reel with a ratio of 6.2:1, 11kg of drag, and a retrieve of 101cm per crank, the Twin Power SW is made for light jigging and casting where fast winding and big line retrieve is needed. Weighing 350g with 9+1 bearings, it's built tough.

    Recommended line: PE 1.2 - 2

    Shimano Twin Power SWC 5000XG Reel

    Built for: Inshore and Offshore High-Speed fishing

    Bigger and better than other 5000 sized reels on the market, the 5000XG runs a ratio of 6.2:1, 13kg of drag, and a retrieve of 105cm per crank. Weighing 415g with 10+1 bearings, it's perfect for heavy inshore and general offshore use.

    Recommended line: PE2 - 3

    Shimano Twin Power SWC 6000XG Reel

    Built for:Offshore and Landbased Game High-Speed fishing

    The Twin Power SWC 6000XG has the same size body as the 5000XG but runs a deeper spool for larger line capacity. It runs the same 6.2:1 ratio and 13kg of drag but retrieves 112cm of line per crank. Weighing 420g with 10+1 bearings, it's perfect for use offshore and from the land chasing those species that love a fast retrieve.

    Recommended line: PE2 - 4

    Shimano Twin Power SWC 8000HG Reel

    Built for: Powerful High Gear Model

    The Twin Power 8000HG is specifically built for all styles. Being lighter and stronger, at 615g, with a 5.6:1 gear ratio, 25kg of drag and a line retrieve of 94cm per crank, you'll fight with more confidence in those dicey areas. With 10+1 bearings, it'll run smoothly and make your fishing sessions much easier.

    Recommended line: PE3 - 5

    Shimano Twin Power SWC 10000PG Reel

    Built for: Game and Deep Jigging

    The 10000PG is perfect for deep water jigging, but also light game fishing. Also running a gear ratio of 4.9:1, 25kg of drag and a line retrieve of 102cm per crank, this reel is made for jigging. What sets it apart from the 8000PG is the Heatsink Drag which reduces drag heat transfer to the spool and gives consistent drag across the whole fight meaning you can handle those biggest fish with ease.

    Recommended line: PE4 - 8

    Shimano Twin Power SWC 14000XG Reel

    Built for: Big Game Casting

    If you're throwing big lures at big fish, the Twin Power SWC 14000XG is for you. With a 6.2:1 gear ratio, 25kg of drag, 10+1 bearings, and 134cm of line retrieve per crank, it'll handle those hard fighting fish with ease. On top of all that, the 14000 also features Heatsink Drag and Infinity Drive.

    Recommended line: PE4 - 8

    Model power pro braid capacity Drag Power gear ratio Retrieve Per Crank bearings Weight reel diameter capacity Item Type For Shipping Price
    4000XG 15lb/230yd 11kg 6.2:1 101cm 9+1 350g 0.30mm/180m Standard Item $739.00
    5000XG 20lb/245yd 13kg 6.2:1 105cm 10+1 415g 0.37mm/150m Standard Item $799.00
    6000XG 30lb/290yd 13kg 6.2:1 112cm 10+1 420g 0.37mm/190m Standard Item $799.00
    8000HG 40lb/340yd, 50lb/265yd, 65lb/215yd 25kg 5.6:1 107cm 10+1 615g 0.37mm/275m Standard Item $899.00
    10000PG 50lb/360yd, 65lb/290yd, 80lb/215yd 25kg 4.9:1 102cm 10+1 655g 0.40mm/300m Standard Item $899.00
    14000XG 50lb/400yd, 65lb/315yd, 80lb/240yd 25kg 6.2:1 134cm 10+1 660g 0.40mm/330m Standard Item $899.00
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