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Jackson Athlete 9JM Lures

  • The Jackson Athlete 9JM Lures have a completely unique design that combines characteristics of both metal jigs and stick baits, which gives the lure incredible versatility. The lure can be used all throughout the water column; it can be jigged and worked up off the bottom, through the middle with a medium pace wind, or along the top with a fast wind, allowing you to target many different species.

    Casting off the beach or rocks is not an issue with these, the Athlete 9JM flies further than most lures on the market. The small 90mm lure weighs a massive 33 grams, pair that with its slimline stick bait body and you've got yourself a lure that casts like a bullet!

    The shape of the Jackson Athlete 9JM has been carefully crafted to ensure the lure moves correctly using multiple retrieves, from slow to high speeds. The placement of the tow point on top of the lure also allows the correct swimming action everytime, creating the look of a struggling/dying baitfish trying to escape prey.

    How & When To Use:

    The Athlete 9JM was built for casting, so it's perfect for fishing off the beach when there's schools of pelagics busting up out wide that you can't normally reach, and the same goes off the rocks. You can retrieve them at a fast, medium or slow pace depending on what you're chasing. A fast and/or medium paced wind is great when chasing pelagics on top or in the middle of the water column, and adding a few jerks of the rod here and there as you wind can work a treat too. A slower wind works better when chasing deeper and slower fish like Flathead and Jewfish, especially when you add a few pauses in every now and then.

    Because of it's solid metal body, the Jackson Athlete 9JM is also a really effective jigging lure, and its shape gives it a more natural jigging movement compared to a standard metal jig that just flutters and darts around. It can be jigged from off the rocks into deeper water, or better yet out of the boat just as you would with standard micro jigs. Again, it can be worked fast or slow, a relatively fast and intense jig is great when targeting faster, aggressive pelagics like Kingfish that are hanging deep. But slowing your action up can be just as effective depending on how the fish are reacting on the day. It's always good to try a couple of different methods to see what's working.

    How To Rig:

    Because the Athlete 9JM is so versatile, it can rigged in just about any way that suits your style of fishing. Our favourite way to rig them as you can see by the pictures above is by attaching assist hooks to the front of the lure, which has really increased our hookup rates and reduced our drop rates. This method allows you to work off the bottom and around snaggy areas really well because there's no hooks attached to the back and the assists sit tight to the body of the lure which minimises the chance of cathching rocks and weed. CLICK HERE for an article on all the benefits of using assists.

    You can also use singles or trebles with the Athlete 9JM lures however you'd like. A treble off the back and assists off the front is a great way of increasing your hookup rate for pelagics along the top of the water column, just don't let them sink to the bottom because the trebles will hook onto just about anything!

    Model buoyancy Length Weight lure type hook size Item Type For Shipping Price
    BSK Sinking 90mm 33g Stick Baits/Pencils No hooks Standard Item $24.99
    CGY Sinking 90mm 33g Stick Baits/Pencils No hooks Standard Item $24.99
    GSK Sinking 90mm 33g Stick Baits/Pencils No hooks Standard Item $24.99
    CRG Sinking 90mm 33g Stick Baits/Pencils No hooks Standard Item $24.99
    CKI Sinking 90mm 33g Stick Baits/Pencils No hooks Standard Item $24.99
    PPG Sinking 90mm 33g Stick Baits/Pencils No hooks Standard Item $24.99
    NIW Sinking 90mm 33g Stick Baits/Pencils No hooks Standard Item $24.99
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