The Easiest Way To Fish - Fishing With Bread

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Fishing With Bread

Fishing with bread is an old trade secret that isn't often talked about, so most people wouldn't even think to try it. But it has to be the simplest, least messy, least fussy way to fish with bait there is going around. And the best part, it works!

Benefits of fishing with bread

It's super quick, easy and accessible: Everyone has a loaf of bread at home, so there's no need to prepare yourself really, just grab your fishing gear, a loaf of bread, and head down to the water!

No mess, no fuss: You don't get covered in stinky bait, and if you start catching fish you can always use a rag to hold them so your hands stay relatively clean. And all you're doing is wrapping the hook in bread, it's not tricky!

Great for everyone: Whether you've fished before or not, fishing with bread is fun and works just as well as fishing with other baits, sometimes even better. It's a great option when you're looking to kill some time or just want to go for a little sesh with a mate or the family.

How to rig up for it

It's an incredibly simple rig. It only consists of a small sinker about 30cm away from your hooks (you can use one or two hooks, two gives you more chance though and also increases competition around your bait so it's recommended).

If you're using monofilament line:

  1. Thread your line through your hook/s
  2. Tie off your end hook (how to tie a uni-knot)
  3. Place your split shot sinker 30cm away from your hook/s and squeeze it down tight onto the line with some pliers

If you're using braid with leader:

  1. Tie your leader to your mainline (here's how to tie a double uni-knot)
  2. Thread your leader through your hook/s
  3. Tie off your end hook (how to tie a uni-knot)
  4. Place your split shot sinker 30cm away from your hook/s and squeeze it down tight onto the line with some pliers

How To Put Bait On:

  1. Break off a small piece of bread (not crust) that's a little bigger than the hook, about 3 times the width of the hook so you can wrap it
  2. Lie your hook in the middle of the bread and wrap each side around the hook
  3. Squeeze only the top section of the bread around the hook so it holds on but also leaves a bit of fluffy bread on the end
  4. Start fishing!

Handy Tips:

Burley before you fish: This is a key step, it'll increase your chances massively! Roll up bits of bread nice and tight so they sink when they hit the water. Then throw them in the water where you'll be fishing to attract fish to your spot and sometimes create a bit of a feeding frenzy. Keep in mind that some spots take longer than others to draw fish in and get them feeding.

Don't squeeze the whole piece of bread tight: If you do this, it reduces the attractiveness of your bait and also makes it harder to hook fish because the dough makes it hard for the hook to penetrate. Just squeeze the bread at the top section of the hook (where the line goes through).

Don't use too much weight: use one small split shot to begin with, if there's too much current or too many little fish eating your bread before you reach the bigger fish down lower, add an extra sinker alongside the first one. Don't over do it!

Fish attractant spray can help a lot when the fish are being fussy, there's not a lot of fish around, or if it's dark. There are many options out there but an easy and cheap one that works well is Big Johns Scent Spray. Simply hold your line out and spray the bread and you still won't get messy!

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