Shinto Pro Pimped Micro Assist Hooks 2 Pack

  • The Shinto Pro Pimped Assist Hooks are a stand out in the micro assist hook market with their overly flashy and attractive designs and super strong hardware. These new assist hooks are extremely sharp, strong and reliable, and can increase your fish landing rate significantly.

    The smaller size 4 hooks are best used on small estuary lures, anything really from little minnows to crank baits and even micro jigs. They've been tried and tested and have landed even the biggest of fish, don't judge them by their size!

    The middle size 6 hooks can be used on the same sort of lures as above, but can also be used for bigger lures too up to around 100mm.

    The bigger size 8 hooks are suited for bigger estuary lures and beach/rock lures as well. They're also great for smaller offshore micro jigs.


    • X Strong Hooks
    • Type: offset doubles
    • 2 hooks per assist, 2 assists per pack
    • Test Strength: 30lb (all sizes)
    • Sizes: 4 (smallest), 6, 8 (largest)

    Benefits Of Using Assist Hooks

    There are 4 key reasons that these assist hooks will benefit you on the water:

    1. Better Fish Landing Rates: assist hooks eliminate the leverage of the lure to dislodge the hook during a fight with an aggressive fish due to their flexible chord connection.
    2. Less Bust-Offs: the length off the assist chord keeps the fish's mouth away from your leader, which is especially handy when there are tailor or other toothy species around, or fish that are likely to break your leader like big flathead.
    3. Better Attraction: the Shinto Pro Pimped Assist Hooks are especially flashy, with holographic strips as well as high-vis strips and glitter throughout some of the strips.
    4. More Natural Lure Presentation: The assist hooks streamline the look of your lures when it counts, with a constant retrieve they sit alongside the lure giving a more natural baitfish profile, and splay out when you stop them on the bottom or jig them for attraction.

    Where/When To Use Shinto Pro Pimped Assist Hooks

    • On hard body lures to replace trebles and/or use in conjunction with them
    • On metal jigs
    • On soft plastics as stinger hooks off the back

    How To Rig Them

    You really can rig them however you like. We've personally tried almost all combinations with success in all ways, but the best we have found so far for general usage would have to be having the assist on the middle eyelet and a treble or double hook off the back. Yo might be thinking that this would cause tangles and dramas between the back hook and the assist hook, and it does occasionally but not actually that often and it's definitely the most effective way of landing fish we've found so far.

    Here are the ways that have worked so far:

    • Assist on the middle eyelet, double/treble off the back (best in general)
    • Assist on the middle eyelet, no other hooks (still very effective)
    • Double/treble on the middle eyelet, assist hook off the back (great for whiting and other surface lures)
    • Assist off the back eyelet, nothing on the middle (also good for chasing whiting)
    • Assist off the front eyelet/tow point (best for jigs)
    Model hook size hook type quantity per packet Item Type For Shipping Price
    4 / BLUETREUSE 4 Assist Hooks 2 Standard Item $7.99
    4 / PINKY BITS 4 Assist Hooks 2 Standard Item $7.99
    4 / REDS DEAD FINESSE 4 Assist Hooks 2 Standard Item $7.99
    6 / BLUETREUSE 6 Assist Hooks 2 Standard Item $7.99
    6 / PINKY BITS 6 Assist Hooks 2 Standard Item $7.99
    6 / REDS DEAD FINESSE 6 Assist Hooks 2 Standard Item $7.99
    8 / BLUETREUSE 8 Assist Hooks 2 Standard Item $7.99
    8 / PINKY BITS 8 Assist Hooks 2 Standard Item $7.99
    8 / REDS DEAD FINESSE 8 Assist Hooks 2 Standard Item $7.99
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