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Why The Bottom Magic 55mm Is The One Lure For Every Fisho

If you could only have ONE lure to catch as many fish as possible in as many different locations AND you didn’t want to work too hard at it, our easy choice is the Bottom Magic 55mm Lure. Its small size, fast sink rate and unique action combine to make this lure an irresistible meal. One of the best things about the them is how easy they are to use.

This little lure has caught a staggering number of species right around the country, everything from trout down south to barra up north and almost everything else in between, it’s brilliant to say the least. There are three versions in the 55mm, the two best for us so far being the standard ones and the saltwater ones.

The Bottom Magic lure has a weighted chin which allows it to sit on an angle on the bottom and hop along like a small bottom feeding fish. It sinks down relatively quickly, so all it takes is little flicks and twitches of your rod to get it moving along the bottom with a very natural presentation.

How To Use The Bottom Magic Lures

There are plenty of ways to work this lure depnding on what you're chasing, but the most effective method and ironically the easiest has been this: cast out and let it sink to the bottom, wind in the slack line and give the lure 1-2 small twitches (making it 'hop' about anywhere up to 50cm off the ground) every 1-2 seconds then slowly wind in the slack line before repeating. Even a slight pause here and there can help with the more timid biters.

This effectively makes the lures look like they're small bottom feeding fish hopping along the bottom because of the angle they sit on. This technique has proven itself over and over for the last few years, landing fish like nothing we've seen before, and it's SO EASY.

When drifting in a boat or kayak we've also found that it can be easier again. By casting behind you (so you're drifting further from the lure as you move) and keeping it in free spool for an extra long time so that the lure is well and truly away from where your kayak/boat is, you can do the same small twitch as above without having to reel in, because as you drift the line picks the slack up.

Standard Bottom Magic Lures

These were the original model we received from Japan, which were designed for use in Japanese trout farms that don't allow barbs on hooks, thus they come rigged with two barbless singles. We caught many fish using these hooks however over time we found it much more beneficial to change these hooks for stronger double hooks with barbs like the Owner SD-26TN Doubles, which decreased our lost fish significantly. More recently though we've been rigging them with micro assist hooks like the Oceans Legacy Micro Assists in size 6 or 8, off either the rear hook eyelet by itself or off the middle eyelet with a double hook on the rear eyelet as well. The assist hooks have increased our number of landed fish massively because once the fish are hooked they can't lever the hook out due to the flexible assist chord.

These standard Bottom Magics are fantastic estuary lures and also work extremely well around piers, around moored boats, breakwalls and in the shallows along the beach. The best colours for us so far have been YSN and GAL in the estuaries, especially up on the flats.

Bottom Magic Saltwater Lures

This model was designed specifically for the Australian market with extra sizes added to the lineup to suit a wider range of fishing environments. The saltwater version comes pre-rigged with two double hooks so there isn't any need to change the hooks if you don't want to (we still change them for assist hooks these days but it's personal preference). They also have a very different colour range which again suits Australian fishing conditions better.

The 55mm lures are fished exactly like the standard 55mm version, nothing has changed with these other than the hooks and the colours. So light estuary environments like fishing the flats, into structure, and drop-offs are perfect for these lures. That's not to say they don't work offshore, they just don't sink as quick as the bigger models.

The 65mm Bottom Magics really don't change much other than their weight, so they can still be used effectively in estuary conditions but are also better for deeper waters and casting into beach gutters or off the rocks. Also great for use out of the boat or kayak on shallow reefs and rocky outcrops.

The bigger 75mm lures were designed for much deeper waters and although they're not much longer, they are significantly heavier so they sink much faster than the others. These are much more suited to offshore reefs with a bit of current, deeper inshore estuaries and rivers, and casting off the beach and rocks. They do work exactly the same though so there's no need to change up the technique that much at all.

The best colour we've used is hands down colour PDZ, both inshore and offshore it's been fantastic.

Bottom Magic Light Tune Lures

Released shortly after the standard Bottom Magics, the Light Tune lures are simply a lighter and slower sinking version of them. Built for shallow estuary environments like trout streams, creeks and flats fishing. They come equipped with the barbless singles like the standard model, so chaning either to an assist hook or doubles is recommended.

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Colour SRH
Buoyancy Sinking
Country of Manufacture Japan

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