NEW Bone Lures!

  • 2 min read

Something you very rarely see in the fishing lure industry……more than one lure functionality, and these new Bone Lures have exactly that which makes them VERY UNIQUE!

The Bone Hover Jet 130F Lures are a really unique dual function topwater lure. The slimline design of the lure allows for a massive cast with or without the flaps open.

With the flaps on the back closed the lure can be worked as a topwater pencil with a nice walk the dog action.

With the flaps open the lure turns into a topwater prop-bait that can be worked at varying methods and speeds; sometimes a constant straight retrieve is best which allows the prop to spin and cause surface disruption, other times a jerk and pause action is best.

The Bone Focus 130 Lures have 4+1 eyelets on them all with unique swimming actions. The nose eyelet allows the lure to swim like a normal swimbait. The next two eyelets also allow a swimbait action, each one allowing the lure to be worked deeper in the water column. The fourth and highest eyelet turns the lure into a vibe style lure rather than a swimbait.

The eyelet below the chin isn’t made as a tow-point, rather it’s for attaching an additional weight to without affecting the action of the lure.

The Focus Lures are equipped with high-quality BKK hooks in size #2 at the back and #1 in the middle.

The Bone Dash 90S lure is a unique dual function pencil/vibe made to suit a range of fishing conditions in both freshwater and saltwater.

Attach the line to the front eyelet to work there as a sinking pencil. It has a side-to-side wobble on a straight retrieve, a darting action with rod jerks, and it sinks with a nice slow flutter.

With the line attached to the top eyelet the lure becomes your typical vibe with a tight wobble when lifting on a straight retrieve.

At 33g this solid hard body lure can cast a mile and sink to the spot you need it effortlessly.